Hard days

Hi my lovies!

Lets just start by saying how hard these past few days have been. I think we all know what i’m talking about. Quarantine is definitely not fun, but we have to do it because of out health. These days bring me back to Hurricane Maria; Only we could go out, but we didn’t have phone service. Thinking about it now I definitely prefer going out without phones than staying in with phones. This is ten times more boring that the Maria days. At least in Maria we could interact with each other, now it’s just talks through phone calls and FaceTime.

Don’t get me started on online classes. I personally like them, but the professors think that it’s easier for us and they keep sending tons of work to do. I’ve been staying up late doing essays, PowerPoints, ESSAYS, quizzes, reading and more. I do like that it’s pretty funny to watch everyone in their beds wearing their pjs and eating while taking the class.

After all of this is over I know we as Puerto ricas are going to throw a big party and celebrate. So stay tuned for that!

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